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Here you will find all of the messages which were sent to Motorhoming.com over the years prior to its re-launch.


This section is here for historical purposes only.


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Dear Sir or Madam, <...

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would be
grateful if you would consider adding my web site to your list of

launched in Jan 2001 and lists small caravan sites with no more than 5
caravan pitches. I have had a good response from visitors to the
site and think that it will grow to become a popular source of
information. I will
obviously be happy to add a link to your site from my own.


Edward Ward

Hi, Love the site! Please add a link to my...

Love the site! Please add a link to my own: CaravanOL - www.caravanol.com
The online caravanning community: sites, products, tips, help,
articles, loads more. . . I
look forward to hearing your views on my site.


Gareth Thomas (The Online
Caravanning Community)
Hello Ken, I recently found your websit...

I recently found your website which is full of useful info and may I ask
if you can add a link to our enthusiasts site Motorhome and Away which
we have had running for a few
months. The address is www.motorhomeandaway.co.uk 
We are keen Motorcaravanners and regularly contribute to MMM and the
UK mhlist at egroups.


Steve and Sheila Pyke
&nbsp;Hi Found you while loo...

Found you while looking
for a dealer. Keep up the good work. Newcomer to web sites, never
realised there were such dedicated people about! Thanks for a great
deal of pleasure to an "Oldie" it will keep me amused for

Tony Marshall [ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]

Hi Ken, Regarding leaded ...

Hi Ken,

Regarding leaded fuel used in 2000p (air-cooled) VW`s. its not because
of valve seats which are already hardened but because of increased
heat generated by unleaded which could crack the cylinder heads. This
may apply to other VW`s.

Cheers, Cliff.

[ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]

I've just read Cyril's letter (...

I've just read Cyril's letter (See
Letter at end of this page - Ed)
and agree with everything he said. I'm 52, and bought an Autocruise
Valentine last year, on taking early retirement. Having no previous
experience of caravanning or motorcaravanning, my wife and I dived
in the deep end, and haven't looked back! Since July 1999, we've had
three month-long trips to Europe, covering France, Spain,
Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy, as well as numerous trips
around Britain. It was heart-warming to see Cyril's enthusiasm
and I just hope that I'm around at his age to carry
on exploring the world in this way.

I've set up a site reviewing
European Campsites and overnight stops, including photo's where
available which you might be interested in.


Brian Dauncey

Dear Sir I took the leaflet that you ga...

I took the leaflet that you gave me at Stratford show but did not intend
to read it as I had picked up loads of leaflets which I seemed to want
at the time but usually throw away later. As the leaflet you gave
me was pink (Yuk!!) it caught my eye and I quickly glanced at it.
When I noticed the Web Address I thought I would take a quick peek,
expecting to find the same factual unimaginative stuff I find on most
specialist sites. I was most pleasantly surprised however at the
interestingly different approach your site has. Combining a
monthly magazine with a reference book means that I can revisit your
site regularly and hopefully find something new to interest me each time
I do. With a site so new you seem to be off to a flying start,
lets hope you can keep it up. I will be checking to see that you
do. I actually found the 'Dealers' Section quite useful as I managed to
find someone to repair my ageing van, which I am in the process of
converting at the moment (not very well unfortunately, but at least it
keeps me off the streets - literally!!) Thanks for a site with
great potential. Keep up the good work

Yours Faithfully

Kevin Daniels

Dear Sir I have just found your site wh...

I have just found your site whilst surfing the web (not bad for a 79
year old) and wonder if you would be able to put this letter on it
for me.

I would like to encourage anyone thinking about motor caravanning who
has any doubts at all to 'Go for it'. I have been living full time
in my Elddis Autoquest since it was new in 1992 and for ten years before
that, starting off in a converted Bedford CF ambulance. It has
given me (and my wife, who sadly passed away in 1995) the means to see
the world and meet more people than you would ever think possible.
I would not swap my way of life for the biggest house in the best
area. I will give up my way of life only when I am no longer able
to look after myself (I'm 80 this year!), which may be sooner than I
think. I can sit in my Care Home with all the other old codgers
with a secret smile on my face as I quietly remember all the places I
have been.

Go on, Do it, You know you want to

Sincerely Yours

Cyril Bowers

Ramsgate, Kent (at present)
Would you send to me the address for Play-Mor ...
you send to me the address for Play-Mor Trailers in Westphalia, MO. I
want to contact them to request information on an older Play-Mor that we
recently purchased.

Thank you

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Re you request for information on Play-Mor
trailers. I have located their full address and Phone number but they do
not appear to have an e-mail address or web site, at least not that I
can find. Their address and phone number is:

Play-Mor Trailers Inc.

P0. Box 128,

 Westphalia, MO 65085

(513) 455-2387

Hope this helps


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